Ashburn, VA



USDA Operating Hours

7am - 4pm / Monday - Friday

Shared Commissary Use Only  / Friday & Saturday

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Ashburn, VA


USDA Facility / Commissary Kitchen


We help local food businesses grow and share their delicious talents with the surrounding community.

ChefScape is a food and beverage business incubator housing up and coming local food and beverage businesses as well as providing much needed expansion space to existing concepts.  The Ashburn, VA location is an approved USDA inspected facility for operations in need of USDA certification. 


USDA operating hours are Monday - Friday from 7am - 4pm with all other hours available for shared commissary use by non-USDA operations.   We provide commercial kitchen space, a variety of storage and business support services and multiple options for brand and revenue expansion via our many facility offerings. 


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ChefScape Ashburn, VA

20630 Ashburn Rd
Ste 196
Ashburn, VA 20147